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Thursday, 7th March 2024

My submission to 7drl 2024 is Trichromat. You play as a spectre who has discovered that they can perceive three colours...

As per usual for this game, I've tried to make a game in the Broughlike style. A small grid, with some cryptic mechanics.

trichromat by sunil.



Friday, 10th March 2023 ◆ Starts to recycling writing fluid and Parisian bauble (7)

Magpie is my submission to 7DRL 2023. As appears to be my habit for this jam, it's another Broughlike. You play as a trinket-loving Magpie, navigating a garden full of worms... and various scary predators!

Magpie by sunil.


Loco Card

Saturday, 17th December 2022 ◆ School queue (5)

My entry to Deck-tember is Loco Card. You can play it on Itch, via the link below:

Loco Card by sunil.

Deck-tember is a game jam for Decker creations, taking place in December. It's very much an analogue to Chip-8's Octo-jam, to which I also sumitted an entry this year. Decker, also an Internet Janitor creation, is a tool for creating things. It brings to mind a holy union of Flash combined with PowerPoint, except it's way cooler and has a very specific aesthetic. It takes inspiration from HyperCard, an old Macintosh program of similar vein.



Sunday, 23rd October 2022 ◆ Number is consumed, we hear (5)

The mysteriously titled WDL by Internet Janitor popped its way into my Itch notifications recently. It is a Wordle variant with three-letter words, made in Chip-8 as a submission to Octojam. The game is great, and it inspired me to make an entry myself.

Octojam is a game jam dedictated to making games in Chip-8 (in October, of course) and Internet Janitor himself is its host, as well as the creator of Octo, a sublimely accessible online IDE for Chip-8.



Saturday, 12th March 2022 ◆ A poem omits a creative historical region (11)

Exactly one year ago, I submitted Escorial to 7DRL. Despite the game's crude appearance and simple mechanics, I was overjoyed that people really seemed to enjoy it. I had a real blast working on that game, and I was sure I would want to repeat the experience in 2022. Well, the year went by incredibly quickly, and surprisingly the time has come to reveal another submission!



Saturday, 19th February 2022

In 2019 and again in 2021 some former colleagues and I (we call ourselves Feralites) participated in a two-day game jam. They were both a lot of fun, and so we decided to go for it again this year! We nicked the theme from Global Game Jam (Duality) and this time allocated two consecutive Saturdays to work on our games.



Sunday, 4th April 2021 ◆ River plant (6)

Back in 2019, I hosted a game jam with some colleagues of mine. Two years later, all now having moved on from our old company, and we decided it was time to run another!

We had two days to create a game based around the theme Spring.

My entry is Springdoku, a small puzzle game reminiscent of Sudokus, and – if I may be generous – The Witness. You can play it over at Itch:



Friday, 12th March 2021 ◆ Corvid with new tiara (5) ◆ Comments (1)

Now being without job, I want to enter a couple of game jams this year. My first submission is to 7DRL, a yearly jam in which the goal is to create a roguelike game in 7 days. My game, Escorial, is complete, and you can play it over at itch:

Escorial by sunil.


Small World

Monday, 25th February 2019 ◆ Boring me is replaced by key steward (6) ◆ Comments (1)

This weekend I participated in a game jam with some colleagues from work. Our theme was Small World, and each of the six of us took it in a completely different direction. We had a shooter, a puzzle game, a humerous concept, 3d tech demos, and from me, a digital board game. In terms of engines: Unity, Unreal, SDL and LibGDX were represented.

My game



Thursday, 4th October 2018 ◆ Formal or vulgar record (8)

Codegrid was a game I entered into a game jam back in 2015. It's a programming game in which you write your programs in a 2d grid.

You can play it here.

Playing the game

You have 10 registers down the left-hand side, each of which can hold a number. On the right-hand side you have your program. In each cell you can place one of 13 different operations. Execution starts at the top left and follows the instructions that you place. When the execution dot leaves the screen, the program terminates. Here's an example program which copies the first register into the last register: