Wednesday, 14th April 2021 ◆ Air clan's lobotomy of the skull (7) BGA

Skull is a beautiful party game which revolves around bluffing, and marks my fourth released adaptation on BGA. It comes from designer Hervé Marly. Each turn you must play either play a facedown coaster (either a Skull or a Flower), or assert that you can turn over a certain number of Flowers without revealing any Skulls... The twist is that you must always turn over your own coasters first - so if you place a bid, you are implying you don't have Skulls on your mat. But perhaps you are just trying to goad other players into bidding higher!

It's really good fun, and always induces a lot of laughs. I'd say it's definitely worth playing with voice chat and with friends, so you can really get into each others' heads.


It's available on Board Game Arena, so head over there and give it a try!


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