Puzzle Time: Shiftgrid

Friday, 1st May 2020 ◆ Dance has seen many parts come together (6) Puzzle time

Shiftgrid is a puzzle game similar to those slider puzzles you have probably played with. You have to try and recreate the picture by sliding entire rows and columns.

If the embedded version below doesn't work, try clicking here.

Slide rows and columns on the image below to recreate the picture. When you've completed one image, you can tap the image to move to the next difficulty.

It feels like a mixture between a Rubik's cube and a jigsaw puzzle, and can be frustratingly difficult as sliding a row or column often messes up parts of the picture you have already solved. It's a remake of an older Flash game I made called Rubix, but this is substantially more difficult!

The pictures come from Unsplash which has a lot of royalty-free public domain photos.


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