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I've been playing Worldle daily for almost two years, and I love it. It's a game in which you are shown the outline of a country, and you have to guess what country it is. To help you, with each wrong guess you make, you are told how far and in what direction the target country lies.

It became popular following the Wordle craze of late 2021, appearing along with a whole slew of similar daily, shareable games. Many of these were geography games which I also enjoyed, Flagle and Tradle for example. However, it's Worldle I kept coming back to...

Thanks to Worldle my geography knowledge has increased greatly, although granted, it started at virtually nothing.

My part

Being a fan of the game, I reached out blindly to the team behind it, asking if they would consider working together on a small project. Coincidentally, they did have a project for which they needed a developer: bringing a France-specific version of Worldle to Le Monde, the biggest French newspaper. Instead of countries, the game revolves around the French departments.

This was a pretty exciting project to work on, and I'm excited to say that it's now playable over at Le Monde Jeux.

Le Monde Jeux Le Monde Jeux

It must be said though, for a non-French person, it's devilishly difficult. And I suspect it would be hard even for a French person! Nonetheless, it's fun, and I'm super proud to have been a part of it. Go check it out!

Incredibly difficult... Incredibly difficult...


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