Towers Besieged

Thursday, 20th June 2019 Magic: the Gathering

Last year, me and three friends created some custom Magic cards and drafted them. It was the most exciting and fun Magic: the Gathering experience I've ever had, and so it begged to be repeated!

Nominally, Cloudpierce, was a set about huge towers which pierce the skies, full of life. Outside the towers lies the barrens, where resources are scarce and survivability is low. Next, comes Towers Besieged where the towers are attacked by the savage forces in the barrens, and many begin to fall. Of course, none of this came through in the cards, it is already hard enough to come up with cards and find art without trying to showhorn a theme into the mix.

I'm a fan Almost indistinguishable from real cards!

For this draft, we upped the participation from four people to eight. It was a shame to not be able to see as many of the cards, and we did have a few balance issues, but it was still a super fun evening. Hopefully, mirroring the old Magic block format, we will return one day for part 3...

Here are some of the cards:


1st Nov 2022: I dug through the old printed cards and tried to find all the rares we made. I can only find these 22 out of a total of 24.


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