Cloudpierce Spoiler

Saturday, 22nd September 2018 ◆ Who pulls along loom? (5) Magic: the Gathering

Some friends and I are getting together to create a custom Magic: the Gathering set for drafting. We each are taking two weeks to create three booster packs' worth of cards, and on the night of the draft, we'll mix them up and draft with them in the usual fashion.

The set is called "Cloudpierce". It's about a plane in which civilised life is only sustained within cloud piercing towers, outside of which is the domain of savage monsters. The set symbol intends to capture the spirit of the tall towers.

Cloudpierce set symbol Cloudpierce set symbol

There's still a week to go until the pre-release, but it looks like one of the cards has been spoiled!

Zoom in and enhance ??? Hawk

It looks like a strict buff on Suntail Hawk, one of my favourite cards of all time. Apparently they are all the rage these days.

Why does it have three legs? Suntail Hawk
Sparring Construct Sparring Construct

In terms of power level, I guess we can compare to Sparring Construct. Nothing too groundbreaking.


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