Friday, 19th February 2021 ◆ Vegetable roll tips found in oyster (5) BGA

Abyss is a 4-player boardgame, by game-design titans Bruno Cathala and Charles Chevalier. I'm excited to have created the implementation for this game over at Board Game Arena, where the game has just been officially announced.

Abyss in progress

The art in the game is beautiful, and even more so with the physical version. You collect "Ally" cards in your hand, and use them to purchase "Lords". The Lords are worth points, and usually come with a one-off or passive effect. It's one of those games which is pretty simple when you look at the rules, but nonetheless it feels satisying and deep. You are playing in the Deeps, after all...

The game has been available in "beta" for a few weeks now, and already it has already accumulated 19,000 hours of gameplay. I really enjoyed making the adaptation, and I hope I will be able to share other BGA games with the world in the future (there may be a couple in the pipeline already...).

It's available on Board Game Arena, so give it a try and let me know if you like it!


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