Organising events with JustMeet

Thursday, 8th December 2022 ◆ Smooth shirt incident (5)

When planning an event with various people, it's hard to know when and where would be the most collectively convenient for the attendees. Recently, in trying to solve this problem, I made a spreadsheet in which each invitee would answer how convenient each option was to them: 0 meaning they would not be able to attend, and 1 meaning they definitely could attend.


I was very happy to see my friends immediately took the principle on-board, and we were easily able to settle on the most convenient option.

It's a bit awkward having to make a spreadsheet for every event, and it requires every participant to have a Google account... so I wanted to try turning this concept into a website. The result of which is:


You can organise events and invite whoever you want, and there is no account creation involved. When you make an event, or submit a response, you get a unique link which allows you to make edits. You can save that link somewhere to ensure you always have access – but the code is also saved as localStorage for convenience.

I think there's lots of improvements I could make to this. Any suggestions are more than welcome...


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