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Back to the grind

Wednesday, 16th February 2022 ◆ 10 years of French cadet losing time (6)

When I went freelance last February, I had intended to spend more time on my own projects, and make more games. However, it didn't quite work out as planned, largely due to the fact I became restless and ended up picking up freelance work. I've long thought that for me "the more I do, the more I do", that is to say, whether or not I have a full-time job doesn't seem to influence the progress I make on my personal projects; or perhaps even that when I am doing lots of obligatory work, I end up doing more hobby work too.


Becoming a free agent

Friday, 5th March 2021 ◆ Old copper left coalition for freedom (11)

At the end of last month, I took the decision to leave my job. Working from home for almost a year was taking its toll, and I felt a little isolated and unproductive as a result. I've also had a growing urge to spend more time pursuing my personal projects. I'm excited to take this leap, and I am committing to spending at least a year navigating the open ocean of joblessness.


Regaining motivation

Friday, 10th April 2020 ◆ Loud strike makes glint of light (5)

When I was younger I was so much more motivated and productive when it came to making games. Although I have had the same hobby for many years, I feel I am getting worse at it! I want to talk about what I think the reasons are, and what I can do about them.


Back when I was at school, I had a lot more time. The day finished at 15:30, and a little homework aside, the evening was mine! Me and my friends would often come up with game ideas during the day too.


The Bear and Strawberry Tree

Wednesday, 25th September 2019 ◆ Crazy Queen meets bad end: my new home (6)

After having first tasted living abroad during an Erasmus year in France, I have been longing to repeat the experience. The main attraction for me is to learn another language, but it's also exciting to be part of a different culture.

I worried that the roots of jobs, flats and friendships would grow,  tying us to London more and more strongly the longer we stayed. My partner was due to finish his PhD in the Summer and would be looking for the next stage in his life. I saw this as the perfect opportunity to move. We made the decision to move to Spain about half a year in advance, and it was a very exciting decision to make!