Thursday, 4th October 2018

Spellsmith is a quaint and challenging adventure puzzle game for iOS and Android. I made it with my brother, who is an illustrator. I particularly like his goblins and fish people – they are so cute, I feel kind of bad about attacking them!

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People think it's about spelling. Should have picked a better name. Spellsmith

The greedy goblin King has stolen your magic, and you are on a quest to regain your powers! As you venture forth, you will earn new spells, discover new lands and face many enemies. Assemble the perfect combination of spells, and use them to exact your revenge.

You can see full details about the game here.

Spellsmith builds on an idea for a match-3-style game I had many years ago. Instead of trying to match gems of the same colour, you are trying to match gems in specific configurations in order to cast spells. You then draw out the spell on the grid in order to cast it.

I think it's a really fun mechanic. As you level up, you learn new spells and eventually you have to pick which 6 spells you want to use for a given level. It gets quite difficult, but it's definitely possible!

I made the game using Cocos2d-x, a C++ engine which powers a large portion of games on the App Store.


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